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  FREE !!!!!
Airtime minute
  AR$ 1,00 (plus national and international communication)
Insurance (optional)
  U$S 5,00
National and international Communications 
Locals   AR$ 0,25
Nacionales   AR$ 0,65
Argentina - Mercosur   AR$ 1,75
Argentina - U.S   AR$ 1,95
Argentina - Europa   AR$ 2,99
Argentina - Israel   AR$ 2,20
Incoming calls   AR$ 1,00

The price don´t include TAX

We don´t have extra cost or minimum calls required

Requeriments and guarantee
Voucher of credit card in guarantee for the phones and possibles calls

Cellphone Model
Digital CDMA 3G configured with Lithium battery, travel charger, holster and instructions' manual in english and spanish.

Delivery and Pick up
Free delivery and Pick up in Buenos Aires and Cordoba Capital 24 / 7.

Confirm by e-mail the number of the cell phones that you will need to send you in advance the phones numbers.

Payment Process
We can debit the payment in your credit card, or you can pay cash . When you finish the contract we delivery the bill with the details of the calls.

Please contact us for further information and details.